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This edition isn’t so serious content wise, perhaps due to the fact that I’m moving into my dorm tomorrow and forsaking the life I’ve known for the past 18 years to that of a college campus.  So enjoy.


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OK.  So, basically, Warren Buffet, multi-billionaire, said that the super-rich like himself don’t get taxed enough.  Then Jeffrey Miron, apparently a Harvard director, etc, heavy credentialed CATO Institute Fellow (libertarian think tank) says he’s wrong, criticizing government-economy intervention policies (crony capitalism, TARP, etc.) EXCEPT the one Buffett criticizes, which is low capital gains tax rates.  Buffett, ever since I heard Rev. Billy Joe Watts talk about him at a church camp I go to, I’ve respected.  very interesting rise to fortune, very admirable life style.  My opinion, is that right now, the economic times we’re in, as a result of years of money mismanagement, require the shared-sacrifice approach, temporarily.  The libertarian no tax increase stance, unless coupled with a drastic reduction in government size and spending (which doesn’t seem possible without immense political drama and difficulty, if possible at all) is an attainable IDEAL (note, ideal), that can be focused on once the debt is taken care of.  Your thoughts?  


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I LOVE that I rediscovered these.  YouTube Gold.  Have you ever wondered if you can be a ninja (you must be born one for starters)?  Is Santa a ninja?  Are there midget ninjas (minjas)? Do Ninjas need baby-sitters?  Ninjas aren’t all about killing, they’re about killing well.  All of these questions and more can be answered here, I look forward to killing you soon.

Dual Enrollment benefits may be only temporary, if worthwhile at all.

I see the appeal of dual-enrolling, taking college classes  for credit so you don’t have to pay for them later is a great idea.  What I don’t like is the “my school sucks I’m so over high-school mentality and everyone that goes there” mentality that sometimesaccompanies it.  You’re not a college student, you’re a high schooler on a college campus.  High school is what you make of it, see a need, fill it, rather than complain about it.  I earned topp college credit through AP.  There’s no need to grow up so fast, I think the dual-enrollment system in Alachua Co. should be adjusted so tat you can take classes on the high school campus, allowing the students to keep their high school experience, and the school to keep some of its most potentially contributing students.


China has the jump on rare earth metal supply, which make up important parts in all your precious little electronics (lithium-ion batteries anyone?)  Good news though, we’re beginning to wean ourselves off the teat of Chinese rare-earth-metal supply, and we’re doing it greener than they are.  America, hecks yeah.

SIDENOTE:  As a Christian, I take the environmentalist point-of-view.  God made the earth for us, right?  So let’s take care of it.  It’s just cleanliness on a global scale.  Green technology is also a way to, economically, get the jump on the next big energy supply, and lose dependence on foreign, sometimes hostile, energy suppliers.  Just my thoughts.

Your mind will be blown.

Sheer WIN.

Taylor Swift is so much hardcore than you. 

That sweet, innocent, small-town girl, “I can’t believe you all like me” appearance is just the… I can’t think of a clever metaphor.  It ain’t real.  Read article —> be entertained.