Boom.  Posted.  I’ve managed to post two Bi-DD’s in two days.  A bit more serious in tone, 

Troy Davis is sent to be executed, made to stay, and then executed. 

and here

    In sum, this was a controversial case where Troy Davis, a Georgia man, in 1991 was accused of gunning down a police officer while working as a security guard.  AKA, 20 years ago.  Controversy occurred because of a) implementation of death row and b) apparent reasonable doubt for his conviction from what I’ve read.  And this isolated case publicized a much larger and publicly resonant issue:  should the death penalty be present in our modern American society?  No matter how political you try to make policy, there’s always a moral reasoning behind it.  The two are intertwined.  And concerning something like the death penalty, where you’re dealing with human life, the moral aspect weighs in heavily.  I’ll disclose my opinion through a series of vague questions.  

1.)  The state (as in, governmental institution) doesn’t grant life, so should it have the right to take it away? The Declaration of Independence says that all men are entitled to certain unalienable rights, Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of happiness, endowed by the Creator, so a strict interpretation would have it that these are kept.  But, we know that these are conditional, as when one takes their individual rights to deprive another of their own.  

2.)   Is the death penalty strictly centered on removing a threat to society?  Is it more effective than doing so than a life sentence?  Or is it about having a readily made moral example of the costs of high crime? Or is it about revenge?  

An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind, right?  But on paper, that’s perfectly just.  You hurt me, I hurt you, it’s fair.  It’s an even exchange.  But what about Matthew 5:44?  Matthew 7:1?  In Christianity, the whole concept of grace and salvation in general?  You know, where humanity in no way was deserving of an intermediary, but got one anyway (John 3:16, everyone knows that verse).  And isn’t being a Christian about exemplifying Christ?  It begs a lot of questions to be answered if you hold the above to be applicable in your life, which I do.  But I feel the moral offense of taking a life for life is a universal question, I just relate it in terms I know.

3.)  A 20 year trial period is ridiculous.  Over that time, defendants can convince themselves they are innocent, eyewitnesses can convince themselves that the accused is guilty, opinions can change, it’s costly, the list goes on.  I understand the need for a just case, but is holding over such a dynamic time period just?  Accounting for the fallibility of the mind, and its ability to perceive truths about the past that may or may not have happened.  Like that really cool thing that happened to you that you just had to make cooler by adding something when you told your friends, and that addition becomes part of the reality you remember.  You know what I’m talking about.

4.)  Fun fact: it’s actually more costly to hold someone on death row rather than life-long imprisonment, check it:  here.  So if you don’t care about the life-aspect of it, you can relate to the monetary expense.  

5.)  Oh, and weird how a man with reasonable doubt to be innocent is executed, and Casey Anthony is still free.  Though her life may be pretty suckish.  

6.)  AND, myself included, I bet A LOT of people didn’t know about the Troy Davis case until very recent.   

Those are my thoughts on the matter for now, roughly.  Open to argument, debate, etc.  I only know so much at my age.  Moving on:

This Gave Me Chills…

In a good way.  I wish I could embed it, but a link will suffice.  »» Biebs.  I’ve got a new show to follow now.


   May just be a goof in measurements, but a particle traveling faster than the speed of light could have a huge impact on ‘cardinal rules’ of physics.  Even if it was just a mistake, goes to show that everything in this life is a progressive realization, and what we think we know pales in comparison to what may actually be out there.

Just a comment on the new Facebook changes:

THEY SUCK.  I don’t like the creep feed, the harder to make status tab, the lack of a dislike button.  I’m going to Google+ like the social elite I am.  It’s basically the Apple of social networking at this point.  If only someone would invite me.

EDIT: It has been brought to my knowledge, in all CAPS, by my roommate, that you don’t need an invite to Google+ anymore.  Whatadouche.  But thanks.



   SO, judging by my memory, it’s been about 3 weeks since I posted the last Bi-DD.  In short, explanation being that college caught me completely by surprise.  Getting a 55 on my first Chem Quiz (albeit the Professor is insane and not even the TA’s could be of help in exam review, I quote “I have no idea what he’s asking, I’m sorry, I can’t help you”) was a humbling jolt from the easy-going illusion of high school studying to the reality of college academia.

But, seeing as how Chemistry and I are on good terms again, I can avert my focus to other things again, like this.  Even though I’m pretty sure Horvath’s Chem 2 class ranks between The Pear and The Rack as far as medieval tortures go.  Yes, he was alive back then.

AIDS  (<—click)

   That’s right, AIDS.  You know, that incurable retrovirus that scientists can’t seem to figure out?  A recent breakthrough has been made in accurately modeling the molecular structure of an enzyme important in the replication process of the virus.  Which means it’s a step closer to a possible drug treatment/cure.  Oh, and who did it and how?  GAMERS.  Through an online GAME.  And they did it in less than 3 weeks.  SO, basically, people who will never have to be concerned about contracting the virus (lol) have helped make a groundbreaking discovery concerning it’s cure in a fraction of the time specialists have put into it.  Win.

Speaking of AIDS…

   That link and that title is NOT going to fly with some people.

Attack Watch

    Interesting find.  It’s a website encouraging citizens to snitch on other citizens who ‘smear’ President Obama.  While not Orwellian in nature by any means, and may simply be a campaign measure (the same sort of thing appeared in 2008), the fact that it’s sponsored by Obama for America, the folks behind, arranged by the DNC, and is in it’s basic nature a citizen watch system, it attracts attention.  Though, the format makes it easy to troll.  #trollface

And boom goes the dynamite…

    Sort of.  Arguably better in my opinion.  Baseball humor, check it out.


Bicycles…HOW DO THEY WORK?!?!?

  If this were the 17th century bicycles would be burned at the stake.  No one seems to be able the explain how they self-balance.  Angular momentum?  Maybe, but it’s mostly just speculation.  They came about by trial-and-error, found something that worked, and said “Hey, look, it works.”   Studying bikes may or may not be the most boring career choice in the world



Hopefully my inconsistency in these posts will become more inconsistent. 



Your Bi-Daily Dump, a chronicle of my internet musings for your viewing pleasure.

10.0 on the Richter Scale, shakin’ like an earthquake move your tail.

Well, 5.9.  Earthquake hits around 90 miles SW of DC.  That whole earth shaking business can really mess up your golf swing.

Lol, this is what you get for smoking.  And struttin’ like a cheap hooker.

Biden says he doesn’t “second-guess” China’s one-child policy.

Just trying to be accommodating, maybe.  But a reminder that there’s more to political policy than just economic issues.  

Racism ain’t gone yet

Knew that by going to high school.  Isolated pockets may never go away.  But we’ve come a long way as a society.  Good article.


This is a great time waster.  Explore the depths of your irrelevant knowledge banks by trying these quiz trials.  

This Bi-DD wasn’t that exceptional, but the college transition is taking a lot of time.  Meeting new people, getting organized, and classes and the like, I love it.  It’s different being the rule and not the exception, the UF honors program has an impressive collective resume.  But it’s great to finally be here, and I’m looking forward to it.

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Bi-Daily yada yada yada

Today’s issue:  Politics/Economics

MEGA ARTICLE (on the middle class, or hypothesized lack thereof)

And some selected commentary.

It’s an exhausting article, I believe its excerpted from a book actually, but well worth the read.  It’s a very interesting analysis of the way the American economy has transitioned in the past century (basically from an industrial focus to a service focus) and how that plays on the stratification of American society.  

A service oriented economy, mechanizes its industry, causing a loss of manual labor jobs (like in the industrialization of the agricultural industry).  While more efficient, the human (well, morally and consequentially) is higher.  So, what happens?  Do we just leave them behind and tell them to fend for themselves while the rich (pioneers in the burgeoning industry, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerburg, or investing giants, like Buffet) get richer?  Or do we compromise (seeming) progress to maintain a degree of economic equality, violating the apparent rights of some to protect those of others.

 After all, middle class prosperity is what drives the economy, and cause the majority or transactions, a driving force behind capitalism, so without a capable middle class there’s a polarization of economic power.  Thanks to globalization, the super rich can outsource to other, cheaper venues and maintain.  The poor, not so fortunate.  And what about the potential for social unrest if such a polarization occurs?  Are we just stuck in a self-feeding cycle destined to end in destruction (or at least falling back a few spots on the global positioning scale) or what?  

There’s two competing schools of thoughts it seems concerning economic policy:  The one that calls for a set of rules to be abided by all, and we applaud the winners, or those who make the best gains under the uniform rules.  Like in real sports.  

There’s also the one that calls for an equalizing force, that takes the hand out from under the “rich” and puts it under the “less rich” (to euphemise, and emphasize that contrary to popular circumstance, we are much more blessed than many of the countries in the world).  The one where everybody gets a trophy, like in little league.

But that’s strictly an economic perspective, ignoring the human element that makes reality SO much more complicated than simple ideals.  Personally, I support the first school.  I like equal opportunity, and equal opportunity does not mean equal outcome.  I know there are those in need, and those who have should constantly and consciously reach out not only to help them, but also to help themselves.  (James 1:27 sort of, and the whole “teach a man to fish” deal).  

And that seems so simple.  So easy to live by.  Then you add the human element, and it gets complicated.  Can you legislate morality?  Or does that annul what the concept of morality is to begin with?  (Consider separation of church and state, can you institutionalize religion (for lack of a better word), but that’s an entirely different discussion)

The problems of society will never be solved through the hands of man because every man has a different idea of what the problem is.  

Feel free to make that your status.  We need outside intervention it seems, but we’re too full of pride to admit so.  We pride ourselves in being self-sufficient decision makers, but self-sufficient decision making is what has ultimately led up to this.  But if we aren’t meant to play a part in the decision making, what purpose do we serve then?  Find balance between the two.  That’s the key.  I feel I may have taken it a bit too far, I never proof read these, which may result in a very vague conveying of thoughts.  How meta of me.  I’m done for now, thanks for reading this far if you did.  I leave you these:

Related Video, Intense Language, but a good rant.  Definitely should watch it.


8D0AD.png (344×721)


Your Bi-Daily Dump, a chronology of all the awesome stuff I find while surfing the web, so you don’t have to.

This edition isn’t so serious content wise, perhaps due to the fact that I’m moving into my dorm tomorrow and forsaking the life I’ve known for the past 18 years to that of a college campus.  So enjoy.


Click Here.   And then click here.

OK.  So, basically, Warren Buffet, multi-billionaire, said that the super-rich like himself don’t get taxed enough.  Then Jeffrey Miron, apparently a Harvard director, etc, heavy credentialed CATO Institute Fellow (libertarian think tank) says he’s wrong, criticizing government-economy intervention policies (crony capitalism, TARP, etc.) EXCEPT the one Buffett criticizes, which is low capital gains tax rates.  Buffett, ever since I heard Rev. Billy Joe Watts talk about him at a church camp I go to, I’ve respected.  very interesting rise to fortune, very admirable life style.  My opinion, is that right now, the economic times we’re in, as a result of years of money mismanagement, require the shared-sacrifice approach, temporarily.  The libertarian no tax increase stance, unless coupled with a drastic reduction in government size and spending (which doesn’t seem possible without immense political drama and difficulty, if possible at all) is an attainable IDEAL (note, ideal), that can be focused on once the debt is taken care of.  Your thoughts?  


askninja.jpg (280×210)

I LOVE that I rediscovered these.  YouTube Gold.  Have you ever wondered if you can be a ninja (you must be born one for starters)?  Is Santa a ninja?  Are there midget ninjas (minjas)? Do Ninjas need baby-sitters?  Ninjas aren’t all about killing, they’re about killing well.  All of these questions and more can be answered here, I look forward to killing you soon.

Dual Enrollment benefits may be only temporary, if worthwhile at all.

I see the appeal of dual-enrolling, taking college classes  for credit so you don’t have to pay for them later is a great idea.  What I don’t like is the “my school sucks I’m so over high-school mentality and everyone that goes there” mentality that sometimesaccompanies it.  You’re not a college student, you’re a high schooler on a college campus.  High school is what you make of it, see a need, fill it, rather than complain about it.  I earned topp college credit through AP.  There’s no need to grow up so fast, I think the dual-enrollment system in Alachua Co. should be adjusted so tat you can take classes on the high school campus, allowing the students to keep their high school experience, and the school to keep some of its most potentially contributing students.


China has the jump on rare earth metal supply, which make up important parts in all your precious little electronics (lithium-ion batteries anyone?)  Good news though, we’re beginning to wean ourselves off the teat of Chinese rare-earth-metal supply, and we’re doing it greener than they are.  America, hecks yeah.

SIDENOTE:  As a Christian, I take the environmentalist point-of-view.  God made the earth for us, right?  So let’s take care of it.  It’s just cleanliness on a global scale.  Green technology is also a way to, economically, get the jump on the next big energy supply, and lose dependence on foreign, sometimes hostile, energy suppliers.  Just my thoughts.

Your mind will be blown.

Sheer WIN.

Taylor Swift is so much hardcore than you. 

That sweet, innocent, small-town girl, “I can’t believe you all like me” appearance is just the… I can’t think of a clever metaphor.  It ain’t real.  Read article —> be entertained.



Your Bi-Daily Dump, a chronology of all the awesome stuff I find while thurfing the web, tho you don’t have to.  (Ryan, that’s all you’re gonna get, thankth)

Google to move towards world domination

From Google Earth and cars that drive themselves (only fallible by human error) to holding government records and being the number one bibliographical source for school reports/people wanting to sound educated via quote, Google has now annexed Motorola Mobility (aka, inventor of the cell phone) and taken one step closer to controlling everything about your life. Presumably it was done to protect the Android market, against potential lawsuits concerning patent violations.  If you can’t beat ‘em, buy’em.  

Star Wars Currency

Yeah, you read that right.  Small Pacific island nation called Niue just released a new set of coinage, and it’s FREAKING STAR WARS.  Carry the Force in your pocket, how cool is that?  As for the US dollar, what a piece of junk! 


Congress Reforms Social Security, Winningly

Solution:  Don’t live so long seniors.  It does have new taxes though.

SEC Football > Your Football

Five straight titles and going for a 6th.  Oklahoma won’t stay at #1 for long.

GOP Race Gets Interesting

Sort of.  Goodbye Pawlenty, Hello P(a)rry.  The real frontrunners begin to show as the Ames Straw Poll (whatever significance it serves) passes.  Jimmy Kimmel is my hero for the above video.  And here’s a related article:  CLICK  After Obama’s approval ratings drop to their lowest yet, it seems more likely that one of these folks will be el Presidente come 2012, if Google hasn’t gone Cyberdyne on us by then.

I’ll Just Leave This Here (They’re Better Than Me)


Thoughts of the Day

I was reading 1 Timothy yesterday, which is basically about how the church should be structured.  In the fourth chapter it says:

 1 The Spirit clearly says that in later times some will abandon the faith and follow deceiving spirits and things taught by demons. 2 Such teachings come through hypocritical liars, whose consciences have been seared as with a hot iron. 3 They forbid people to marry and order them to abstain from certain foods, which God created to be received with thanksgiving by those who believe and who know the truth. 4 For everything God created is good, and nothing is to be rejected if it is received with thanksgiving, 5 because it is consecrated by the word of God and prayer

That got me thinking about the Middle Aged Catholic Church, prior to the Protestant reformation, that forbade marriage amongst the clergy.  

And that got me thinking as to how sometimes the Church, though claiming to live by God’s Word, can miss it in a very human way.

And that got me to thinking how much the world (ie, those not a part of the church) judge what Christianity is by what the Church (universal) does, and not necessarily by what the Bible says.  Notice the distinction between the two, they’re not always in line.  And one misrepresentation can misrepresent everyone.  Look at Westboro, look at the Norwegian terror attacks, look at the 9/11 attacks.

A little bit of yeast can leaven the whole batch.  

And that’s why it’s so important as a Christian to continually be in the Word, and live by it, and not by some personally biased excerpt or extremism.  To quote Billy Graham, and I think I saw this on my friend Hannah’s Facebook initially (creeper be creepin’), “We are the Bibles that the world is reading.”  

Matthew 5:14 - How bright of a light are you?


Well, this is the third day since the last(and first) Bi-DD.  So much for Bi-Daily.  I’ll keep the namesake.

Thanks to my friend Jay for posting this on Facebook:


One step closer to bionic life-forms (click).

This electronic patch is thinner than a hair and adheres to the skin on the molecular level (only for a few hours) and can be used to monitor brain waves and other electrochemical activity within the body without implanted electrodes, or even enhance vocal commands for gameplay.  And it’s power self-sufficient.  

Campaign Conflicts Continue 

With the Ames Straw Poll tomorrow, almost regarded as prophetical it seems for the all-important Iowa Caucus later on tomorrow, the Republican candidates vamp up the debate and criticisms, of President Obama and of each other.  Although President Obama provides a common ground for their collective criticisms in campaigning, each one is equally vulnerable to the other as well, opening for criticisms by the opposing view holders.   A messy part of the political process, and somewhat self-defeating, as it splits a party in order to elect the nominee that stands the best chance of unifying it in the 2012 Presidential election, but that’s just the way it is.

Rick Perry Makes Oldschool Cool

The small-town farm-raised Texas Governor makes quite the stir in the GOP race, even though he hasn’t declared candidacy just yet.  He appeals to a broad range of the GOP party, but also has facets that will be fiercely  contested by Democrat opposition.  I like him.  He has these ads going for him as well:  Colbert SuperPac

Facebook Under Fire

Anonymous, the decentralized group of hackers suspected behind the SONY security breach and have repeatedly (and I think justifiably) taunted the Westboro Baptist Church, have targeted Facebook for peddling private information to the government, etc.  And in a nice intimidating Microsoft Sam voice to boot.  Is it a legitimate threat?

MACH20, Mind=Blown

Unrelated note:  funny how most of the people crying out against defunding NASA also call for smaller government and privatization of industry.  From my POV at least.

Small Head? Blame it on your genes.

Don’t miss the Perseids meteor shower tonight, super cool.


It’s just bits of ice from a comet tail burning through Earth’s atmosphere at speeds so fast it looks like a star shooting across the sky.  NBD.


This is the first Bi-Daily Dump.  Anything of importance or interest I find I’ll post here, with some commentary, so you can be just as cool as me.  (See what I did there?  I assumed an air of false-ego so you’ll feel like you have to listen to my superior opinion, technique influenced by Stephen Colbert)

app_full_proxy.php (324×79)

I Am Second (or click the banner above) is a movement inspiring others to live for God.  They feature videos of powerful testimonies, concerning victories over a variety of “struggles”, of people of all sorts.  What caught my attention were those of Brian Welch (former guitarist of Korn) and Josh Hamilton (current Left Fielder for the Rangers, formerly suspended from the MLB for his addiction).  Really, if you’re looking for an inspiration or are struggling with anything, or looking for an answer, check out the site.  If a video doesn’t work, they also have chat rooms and call lines to help you out.


Trim from Petey Boy on Vimeo.

This guy transforms into a hipster in less than 30 seconds.

DOW Mimicks Ronaldo and Dives

Follows the downgrade of the US credit rating to AA+ by S & P’s 500.  Though, the downgrade was based on political grid-lock over the debt controversy and not necessarily inability to pay back, this following the S&P being accused of making a $2trillion mistake in the analysis and forewarning their clients Friday (which caused that decline).  I don’t know enough to say who was right, just interesting how vulnerable the markets are to (feared) speculations I think.  Your thoughts?

UPDATE:  They’re on the rise again.

Diana Nyad

Diana Nyad only swims half the distance between Cuba and Florida over the course of 29 hours before calling it quits.  Oh wait, she’s 61 years old?  Maybe I should go for a run…

London Riots

The London riots continue on.  What started as a protest against the circumstances surrounding the police shooting of a guy named Mark Duggan has escalated into an apparently aimless bout of violence, reasons ranging from discontent with raised tuition fees to anarchy to just wanting get out and “**** **** up” (Step Brothers quote).  Anarchy in the UK anyone?

Tebow or Orton?

I’m all for Tebow getting the starting spot, but for sake of sports-etiquette, popularity or favoritism shouldn’t be a factor in who gets it.  (Here’s looking at you, old rec-ball coach in ‘05)

Darwin Award

Woman loses three fingers trying to wake up her bf with fireworks.  

How’s she going to make him a sandwich now? (ha)

Oh, the world is going to end…