SO, judging by my memory, it’s been about 3 weeks since I posted the last Bi-DD.  In short, explanation being that college caught me completely by surprise.  Getting a 55 on my first Chem Quiz (albeit the Professor is insane and not even the TA’s could be of help in exam review, I quote “I have no idea what he’s asking, I’m sorry, I can’t help you”) was a humbling jolt from the easy-going illusion of high school studying to the reality of college academia.

But, seeing as how Chemistry and I are on good terms again, I can avert my focus to other things again, like this.  Even though I’m pretty sure Horvath’s Chem 2 class ranks between The Pear and The Rack as far as medieval tortures go.  Yes, he was alive back then.

AIDS  (<—click)

   That’s right, AIDS.  You know, that incurable retrovirus that scientists can’t seem to figure out?  A recent breakthrough has been made in accurately modeling the molecular structure of an enzyme important in the replication process of the virus.  Which means it’s a step closer to a possible drug treatment/cure.  Oh, and who did it and how?  GAMERS.  Through an online GAME.  And they did it in less than 3 weeks.  SO, basically, people who will never have to be concerned about contracting the virus (lol) have helped make a groundbreaking discovery concerning it’s cure in a fraction of the time specialists have put into it.  Win.

Speaking of AIDS…

   That link and that title is NOT going to fly with some people.

Attack Watch

    Interesting find.  It’s a website encouraging citizens to snitch on other citizens who ‘smear’ President Obama.  While not Orwellian in nature by any means, and may simply be a campaign measure (the same sort of thing appeared in 2008), the fact that it’s sponsored by Obama for America, the folks behind, arranged by the DNC, and is in it’s basic nature a citizen watch system, it attracts attention.  Though, the format makes it easy to troll.  #trollface

And boom goes the dynamite…

    Sort of.  Arguably better in my opinion.  Baseball humor, check it out.


Bicycles…HOW DO THEY WORK?!?!?

  If this were the 17th century bicycles would be burned at the stake.  No one seems to be able the explain how they self-balance.  Angular momentum?  Maybe, but it’s mostly just speculation.  They came about by trial-and-error, found something that worked, and said “Hey, look, it works.”   Studying bikes may or may not be the most boring career choice in the world



Hopefully my inconsistency in these posts will become more inconsistent.