Well, this is the third day since the last(and first) Bi-DD.  So much for Bi-Daily.  I’ll keep the namesake.

Thanks to my friend Jay for posting this on Facebook:


One step closer to bionic life-forms (click).

This electronic patch is thinner than a hair and adheres to the skin on the molecular level (only for a few hours) and can be used to monitor brain waves and other electrochemical activity within the body without implanted electrodes, or even enhance vocal commands for gameplay.  And it’s power self-sufficient.  

Campaign Conflicts Continue 

With the Ames Straw Poll tomorrow, almost regarded as prophetical it seems for the all-important Iowa Caucus later on tomorrow, the Republican candidates vamp up the debate and criticisms, of President Obama and of each other.  Although President Obama provides a common ground for their collective criticisms in campaigning, each one is equally vulnerable to the other as well, opening for criticisms by the opposing view holders.   A messy part of the political process, and somewhat self-defeating, as it splits a party in order to elect the nominee that stands the best chance of unifying it in the 2012 Presidential election, but that’s just the way it is.

Rick Perry Makes Oldschool Cool

The small-town farm-raised Texas Governor makes quite the stir in the GOP race, even though he hasn’t declared candidacy just yet.  He appeals to a broad range of the GOP party, but also has facets that will be fiercely  contested by Democrat opposition.  I like him.  He has these ads going for him as well:  Colbert SuperPac

Facebook Under Fire

Anonymous, the decentralized group of hackers suspected behind the SONY security breach and have repeatedly (and I think justifiably) taunted the Westboro Baptist Church, have targeted Facebook for peddling private information to the government, etc.  And in a nice intimidating Microsoft Sam voice to boot.  Is it a legitimate threat?

MACH20, Mind=Blown

Unrelated note:  funny how most of the people crying out against defunding NASA also call for smaller government and privatization of industry.  From my POV at least.

Small Head? Blame it on your genes.

Don’t miss the Perseids meteor shower tonight, super cool.


It’s just bits of ice from a comet tail burning through Earth’s atmosphere at speeds so fast it looks like a star shooting across the sky.  NBD.